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Stay Golden

Celena: 19 : California : December Baby : MCHS c/o '12
Fun Fact: 50%Black + 50% Nicaraguan

Really really liked my outfit today x) Been in an happy mood since yesterday!!! #ootd #itcoldbruh (at Chabot College Bookstore)

Gifts my brother got for me from his trip to JAPAN!!! I LOVE THEM!!! THANKS SO MUCH BIG BROTHER!!! #mybrotherisbetterthanyours #bonnersan #madeinjapan #cherryblossams #icantstudyforbionow

Successful shopping day with @smiley_sid94 x) #dayoff (at Century 20 Great Mall and XD)

Commemorative photo of @smiley_sid94 finally making an Instagram!! #iconvincedher :P (at Chabot College)